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The flutes of the Schagerl Academica series combine excellent intonation with a beautiful and balanced sound. The research of materials and the choice to use quality components guarantee a long life of the instrument, facilitating routine maintenance interventions. The welds are performed ensuring the safety standards for the health of those who use it. The design of the bushing is exclusive and is the result of research thanks to the support of various professional flutists, in order to guarantee the maximum expressiveness of the musician on the instrument in all registers.

The academica flute line is complete from the studio series with double head with twisted to the professional line in solid silver.


Schagerl is known for bringing the best innovations in the world to wind instruments. Now a revolutionary new mouthpiece is available: the Schagerl "Apredato" mouthpiece. It was developed with contributions from Prof. Hans Gansch (former Principal Trumpet of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra) and Thorsten Benkenstein (Principal Trumpet, North German Broadcast Big Band Hamburg / Germany).
The starting point for designing this mouthpiece was the desire of most trumpet players to have a fuller, darker tone and a deep, resonant sound quality without leaving their usual rim and cup.
The "Apredato" mouthpiece design appears to be as heavy a mouthpiece as other manufacturers make them. But these mouthpieces are often difficult to play with greater resistance than regular mouthpieces. Not the "Apredato": it is light and not difficult to play.
How could Schagerl make it real? The solution was found after an intense development process: the “Apredato” is now a normal mouthpiece whose mass is reduced to a minimum. Then an accessory is mounted and filled with water. The attachment is waterproof coated to prevent corrosion and sealed with rubber to prevent water from escaping.
Compared to a normal mouthpiece, the sound of the "Apredato" mouthpiece is darker, very rich and with a huge volume. It is also preferred by Big Band trumpeters who like its "powerful" sound.
The Schagerl "Apredato" mouthpiece is available in all sizes, for each rim and diameter in silver or gold.

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