Easy response horns, high quality workmanship and anyone playing it for the first time will be amazed by its sonic properties. The design and materials used by Academica guarantee a long life and excellent intonation.

Schagerl Tr420s

Schagerl Tr620CL

Schagerl Tr600s

Schagerl Tr421L



SIGNATURE trumpets

Ensemble Mnozil Brass and the great multi-instrumentalist James Morrison characterized and enthused the creation of this line of trumpets. With the new Mnozil Brass ACADEMICA and James Morrison Signature models you can now bring home the unmistakable sound of these exceptional players. Custom bells, new double or single tube leadpipes, heavy valves ensure a full and dark sound concept that has made Mnozil Brass famous all over the world and guaranteed the performances of the great J. Morrison.

Schagerl Mnozil Brass

Schagerl James Morrison 1s

Schagerl James Morrison jm1

Schagerl Jm2L



The bright and radiant sound of this instrument is based on the sonic ideal of the legendary American sound and big band trumpet players.
This model has everything a professional trumpet needs. In terms of easy response, improved intonation and workmanship, this trumpet leaves nothing to be desired.
The instrument is made entirely of the finest golden brass and impresses with its warm tone full of character.
The whole Intercontinental series is a symbiosis between the most modern production methods, the know-how of the Schagerl team and the close collaboration with the best trumpet soloists in the world.

Schagerl Salzburg

Schagerl Salzburg

Schagerl Salzburg

Schagerl Caracas

Schagerl Caracas

Schagerl Las Vegas

MEISTER trumpets

These trumpet models were created thanks to the collaboration with great musicians from all over the world in particular by the multi-instrumentalist James Morrison who gave inspiration to different trumpets and trombones. All this information was invaluable in making instruments according to their wishes together with the expert Schagerl instrument makers: the best intonation, easy response and sustained and brilliant sound. Careful choices of the materials used, piston or valve mechanics of maximum precision have made it possible to create models used for classical music and jazz music.



Schagerl Roman Empire

Schagerl Nodus vintage

Schagerl J. Morrison Roman Empire BTR

Schagerl Shinkansen

Schagerl Aglaea

Schagerl Penelope

Schagerl Charis

Schagerl Berlin

Schagerl Horsdorf Heavy Bb

Schagerl Wien EB Vintage

Schagerl Horsdorf Heavy Bb

Schagerl Berlin

Schagerl Berlin




Tromba in Do Reverse Campana YB (finitura argentata incluso nel prezzo)

In occasione del 60° anniversario dell'azienda Schagerl, presentiamo "1961", una nuova linea di trombe a pistone di Schagerl Meisterinstrumente, così chiamata in onore della fondazione della nostra azienda, da Karl Schagerl, Sr.

Questa nuova serie è il risultato di anni di esperienza, con una profonda conoscenza della storia e della costruzione di strumenti classici. Costruita pensando al trombettista americano e al suono americano, la linea 1961 offre un suono ricco e vibrante, risonante e chiaro. Il 1961, ovviamente, presenta una risposta straordinariamente liscia e uniforme in tutti i registri, che è un segno distintivo di tutte le trombe Schagerl. La designazione "1961" serve anche come cenno musicale al periodo d'oro del classico suono di tromba orchestrale americano, che abbiamo cercato di emulare con questa nuova linea di modelli: con esso onoriamo il classico suono di tromba americano.


L = Large Bore .465“ / 11.82mm 
ML = Medium Large Bore .460“ / 11.70mm 

Bell Diameter on all this Trumpets is: 4.843“ / 123mm 

YB = Yellowbrass Bell
BG = Goldbrass Bell 

R = Reversed (Malone) Style Leadpipe System 


Add-ons: VINTAGE MATT LACQUER with Gold Plated Parts euro 950
Add-ons: Finish Gold Plated scratched euro 1350
Add-ons: Extra Waterkey euro 55
Add-ons: Finish Silver Plated euro 400
Add-ons: Finish Silver Plated scarched euro 750
Add-ons: Finish Gold Plated euro 990
Add-ons: Finish Clear Lacquer euro 230
Add-ons: Finish Clear Lacquer scratched euro 570