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This guiding principle has been the driving force behind our high quality standards since the creation of our first prototype.

As part of a multi-year development process, each drum has been tested and constantly optimized from material choice to perfect design and shape with renowned musicians and professors.

The result is an exceptional sound experience, which leads to a new dimension in the world of drums based on deep know-how.

Produced exclusively by hand, the swinging / swinging drums made of non-ferrous metal, such as brass or copper, are distinguished by impressive sound transmission and tone development without losing any kind of power.

Whether used in the studio or live, in every situation (room) the presence of this particular drum impresses with a warm and defined character.

The innovative concept of a living design makes the difference compared to alternative drums not only audible but, thanks to the special sound spectrum, unique and distinctive.

Schagerl Drums was founded in 2010 by Markus Lechner and Robert Schagerl in the laboratory of Schagerl Music, the home of brass.

Due to the smaller space required for the machines at Schagerl Music, Markus Lechner decided to build a separate and specialized drum factory to start the production business of Schagerl Drums.

In 2012, after two years of further development, based on the deep know-how in brass making, the first “Antares” snare model was born.

“Play differently. Think brass. "

Meanwhile, we can offer a wide range of in-house snare drums, orchestral drums, concert drums and toms.


Rack Toms: 8 "to 13"

Toms to Floor: 14 "- 18"

Bass Drums: 18 "- 22"

:: Available in all classic depths and more ::


Schagerl Drums patented custom brass shells (MS63 - soft)

Tom Rack - 5 pcs shell 0.7mm

Floor Tom - 7pcs 0.7mm shell

Bass Drum - 7-Piece 0.8mm Shell

Hardware material:

Single or separate solid brass hoops Schagerl.

Solid brass tie rods Schagerl M5.

2.3mm triple flange rims @ tom

Oiled or vintage ash rims @ bass drum

Barrel and Rims Finish:

raw lacquer * (sealed with glossy clear varnish)

dark vintage *


Contact us for more information and configuration

* No two Schagerl Drums shells are alike whether they are raw, lacquered or with a dark vintage finish.

RAW Series



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