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Schagerl snare drums represent the maximum research of use of technology and material research.

Curved shells, different sheet thicknesses, vertical laminated staves of copper and brass assembled together through tests with great players, custom tailpieces and various finishes, all this offers a series of snare drums for every need of the player who wants to develop dynamics in the sound of the percussion.

Each snare drum has a specific name because it contains different research and technologies, so we recommend you visit to discover the countless solutions.


it is worthy of its Greek namesake. The noticeably undersized top and bottom edges create a barrel shape that acts like a kettledrum, creating the purest of harmonics, while remaining easily controllable. No two raw, raw lacquered or dark vintage drums are alike. The filter is a Trick Drums Multistep filter for precise snare control and single point solid brass fins allow the shell to resonate freely.
The acoustically neutral nature of the copper shell makes it an ideal studio drum.

Persephone snare-03 Copertina.jpeg

it is the brightest star in the constellation Scorpio and is the fifth brightest star observable in the night sky. Named for its level playing field with the Greek god Ares, it's easy to see why we chose "Antares" as the name for the brass snare line. Each drum makes a bold statement with heavy yellow brass tube lugs and a 0.7mm raw brass shell.

Adorned with 2.3mm yellow brass or black nickel hoops on steel hoops, the Antares evokes images of battle-worn Greek armor while maintaining subtle elegance.

The multi-step Trick Drums filter allows for precise voltage adjustments, making the Antares suitable for both conventional kit playing and orchestral work. The shell itself is noticeably undersized at the top and bottom to create a gable effect with noticeable resonance.

No two Schagerl Drums shells, raw lacquer, dark vintage finish are alike.


Schagerl Snare Antares Copertina.jpeg

Jan Schlichte (Berliner Philharmoniker) on his Schagerl snare drum:
“I was immediately thrilled with the sound of the toms, the bass drum and the snare drum. The curved construction of the snare has great resonance and enormous depth in the sound. The tonal potential was immediately evident. The "Berliner Philharmoniker 2014" edition was created in collaboration with drummer Markus Lechner. It is particularly characterized by: extremely precise pianissimo response, flexible character, so that it can be wonderfully tuned in the orchestra to a wide variety of requisite tones, precise separation of individual touches and still very pleasant to play. From optics to processing and sound, a very successful and very successful instrument "

Statement by Jan Schlichte (Berlin Philharmonic) on his Schagerl Snare Drum:
“I was immediately fascinated by the sounds of the tom, bass drum and snare drum when I visited the Schagerl music shop in Austria. The snare curve gives both great resonance and a deep tone. I immediately recognized the musical potential of the drum. Drummer Markus Lechner and I developed the edition of the “Berlin Philharmoniker 2014” together. This drum is distinguished by its precise pianissimo responsiveness, flexibility (so that it can be beautifully tuned to the various musical tones of the orchestra) and the exact definition of the individual beats. It is also enjoyable to play. From design to craftsmanship to sound, this drum is a successful and well-rounded instrument ”.

Schagerl Snare Edition Berlin 2014.png

Edition Berliner Philharmoniker 2014

Orchestral Snare Drum - Rührtrommel

Orchestral snare drum - Rührtrommel is a 7-piece hybrid copper shell (SF-Cu soft) consisting of a curved shell at the top and bottom and a cylindrical shell in the middle to create a floor tom effect with remarkable resonance and deeply harmonic harmonics.

The SD-modified TrickDrums multi-step filter allows for precise tension adjustments, making the philharmonic drum suitable for orchestral work. The raw finished copper shell will keep its great look.

Schagerl Snare Orchestral 3.jpeg


Schagerl Snare Philharmonic-Model-Jänne

The Philharmonic Series is a selection of snare drums optimized for the needs of classical orchestras and percussionists around the world.

The drums are available in 14 ”, three different depths and in brass or copper materials.

The multi-stage modified Trick Drums filter allows for precise voltage adjustments making the Philharmonic Drum suitable for orchestral work. The Schagerl 5-piece drum shell itself is significantly undersized at the top and bottom to create a floor tom effect with noticeable resonance. The brass and copper shells with a raw, lacquered or patinated finish will retain their magnificent appearance. No two Schagerl drums are alike.

Each Schagerl Philharmonic Snare Drum comes with a velvet bag.

Read more about the different models below.